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PraeturionPraeturion Member Posts: 3
edited December 2015 in Recruitment
Hello all, currently recruiting highly skilled ambitious and active EU players to compete on ESL, UMG and Gamebattles for Rainbow6.

The current team recently placed 2nd on the first RB6 Siege Open Cup on this website, however, we want to place first! So if your interested please get in contact thanks!


  • GubGub Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    I am not EU but if you guys are interested in picking up an American I would be down. If not that's okay. Let me know
  • PraeturionPraeturion Member Posts: 3
    Currently at this time we are only looking for EU players due to time zone differences/ping, if things got more serious then we will be looking for the best regardless of location, thanks for looking though!
  • PenguPengu Member Posts: 14
    Under what name can i add your Uplay? - I have some questions.
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