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Searching Team for a long period of time!

JenKJenK Member Posts: 60 Aspirant
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Dear ESL-Community,
Dear CS-Players,

my name is Stefan "Jen[K]" T. [21] and i'm currently searching for a stable Team that wants to participate in several Leagues.
I've built my e-Sport carreer with CoD2/CoD4 sine 2005-2012. I'm playing CS:GO since the BETA-Release and i've decided to spend my Playtimes with Sense!

I've been in couple of Teams, actually the most issues happened that some Players had troubles to run their Reallife systematically.
I'm searching for a Team that will stay for a long period of time (1-3 years). Online- and Offline Tournaments should be IN!
I'm interested in a German, Multi-European or Balkan-Team! Everything is possible with the right Guys.

My Role in previous Teams were Supporter/Backsteper but i'm able to play as my Team likes!

To me:
Name: Stefan T.
Nick: Jen[K]
Age: 21
Location: Germany
Language: German, Serbian and English
Main Focus: Inviduality and Tactics
Playtime: 1,4K CS:GO / 2,5K CoD2 / 4,4K CoD4
Active: 5-7 Days (No i'm not a Nerd, i can manage my Reallife)

I hope that i've piqued your interest and hope to hear you soon!!!

Steamprofile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jksoncod4/

Best Regards,


Attended Leagues:

CoD2 - ClanBase 1900+pts
CoD4 - ClanBase 1700+pts
CoD4 - Northcon Lan with mixteam
CoD4 - Summit Lan with KG-Clan by aQua-Tuning
CoD4 - Academy 2011 with proTEC by AMD
CoD4 - ESL EAS with KG-Clan by aQua-Tuning
CoD4 - ESL EAS with MGX by QPAD
CoD4 - ESL EMS with MGX by QPAD


- Sick-Gaming: LuckR, prison, strucler, TEFiny, JenK
- UnderControl by Sennheiser: LuckR, prison, sevencast, nummo, JenK


- proTEC by AMD: Lucky, fuckR, BobbEY, Indyy,JenK
- KG.Clan by aQua-Tuning: Dandii, pwny, Nextzjjje, Duty, JenK
- my.Reactions: BobbEY, link, dubzi, G1Njo, JenK
- MGX by QPAD: G1Njo, balex, SmokEY, pwny, JenK]
- dA-Gaming by YANCOR: brNy', jmpr, joTschY, SmokEY, JenK
- MID-Area Gaming: as4urza, Hammaz, Spongeb0b, Rezzy, JenK
- n!faculty: bARCADiY, KaZy, Will, ruNNer, JenK

- Couple Testteams
- SSF e.V.
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