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4 players need +1 / Need scrimm partners

A1GAA1GA Member Posts: 39
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)
We are looking for a last player who
Speaks fluent English
Will always be on time and responsible towards the pracc schedule
Has very good aim and fragging abilities
Is able to practice 3-5 hours everyday on workdays (evenings), 6-8 on weekends (Minus holiday and other exceptions)

We are looking for teams/stacks that will scrimm us
All scrimms will go by standart ESL rules
Each team picks 1 map - double BO1

uPlay: r3x.A1GA
Twitch: twitch.tv/imtheskyline
Skype: fanekkkk

glhf cheers


  • p 1 k 4p 1 k 4 Member Posts: 20
    Hello ....it's me... :D
  • gh0stgh0st Member Posts: 97
    ''Is able to practice 3-5 hours everyday on workdays (evenings), 6-8 on weekends''

    I just literally died...
  • SupraSupra Member Posts: 3
    Are you going to stream the todays tournament?
  • A1GAA1GA Member Posts: 39
  • GubGub Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    Is this an American team? If so I would like to get involved. If not but you guys still take americans let me know. Thanks
  • battlevetbattlevet Member Posts: 1
    If this is an American team I would like to get involved. Uplay: battlevet I've got some experience with first person shooters and I've been playing siege since the Alpha. Thanks.
  • odiNPodiNP Member Posts: 2
    NA team? Interested, uplay - odiNP_
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