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.Abc | High-Skill R6 ESL Team

s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
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Entry Demand
~12-14 hours per week Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay with clan.
~26+ hours per week Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay.
High-level FPS experienced.
Rainbow Six: Siege experienced. 
Tactical minded.

ABSTRACT is a hard-core Rainbow Six: Siege team.
We aim to compete in tournaments and ladders, online or offline; free or paid.

ABSTRACT members are expected to play tactically and efficiently.
We will execute tactics based on map understanding and situation.
We will give members a certain role to play efficiently.

ABSTRACT is a 10-man team; a Team A (Main Team) and a Team B (Substitutes).
ABSTRACT's clan tag is ".Abc".
We own a website at local: http://abstracteu.com

ABSTRACT trials will be graded A - E judged by the following criteria.
UPlay: s13ep.Abc
E-mail: [email protected]
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/shannongreen/ 
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