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ESL Forum rules

GravityGravity Member Posts: 143 ✭✭✭
Welcome to the official ESL Forum,

Before you make your first post please read the ESL Forum rules to ensure that we have the same understanding on how the forum atmosphere should be. Even though you are sitting in front of a machine on the other end of this machine, there is another human being.

We wanted to create a pleasant environment where discussion and comradeship can thrive. These rules will be the cornerstone for this and therefore we except that everyone follows the rules.

Have fun in our ESL Forum. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


  • MakaveliMakaveli Member Posts: 50 Aspirant
    2 maps with 6 rounds switch
    16 sec bots
    3:50 round
    Kill cam off
    All operators allowed
    Vote for spots allowed
    I think it's nothing more to add
  • ForceForce Member, ESL Staff Posts: 339 Influencer

    thanks for your feedback, we will discuss this in the admin team.

  • EXT HerbalistEXT Herbalist Member Posts: 3
    Any ideas on how to setup a custom game? We have a tournament on the 11.1 but we always get errors when setting up a custom game. Above all, how can we invite the other team in?
  • EXT HerbalistEXT Herbalist Member Posts: 3
    For xbox one
  • VeLo_VENDETT4VeLo_VENDETT4 Member Posts: 103 Ambassador
    Hello, if an individual who's a leader of a esl siege team is sending harassing msgs to myself and members of my esl team on Ps4 regarding esl tournaments is there a way to report it? Have photo copies of the msgs
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