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Trackmania United Forever - Nadeo World Championship

Hello ESL moderators, I am Raceta!, a member of team |PT| and the Nadeo community, As most of the competitions are based on tm2+tech, we (nadeo tracks players in united) are forced to play them only while we really want a trackmania united forever competition on nadeo tracks, this will be benefitial to anybody. tm2+tech or trackmania united forever + nadeo. There were some nadeo competitions in the past and there is still one big competition each year but we want to compete and make it even bigger than it is now. For that, we need you, ESL people's help to make one (nadeo, trackmania united forever). There are over 100 tracks so creating mappacks is very easy and since all of the players in tm know the tracks it is a great way to measure skill. Some players can't play tm2 cause they can't handle/control the car as well as in trackmania united. sadly, I am one of them. I know about 10 teams at least that told me they want to compete and so I am writing to you. solo/teams competitions are fine as long as there are comps. I hope that the nadeo community will get a place in ESL and that there will be a World Championship for playing them. In addition, teams like dignitas and acer that are the best teams for now said that they will get nadeo players to their teams (if they are good enough) if there will be competitions on nadeo maps in trackmania united, so it's another reason for why I am asking you to make one if it's possible. many players already offered servers so it isn't a problem to do that. I hope for the nadeo community competitions now to grow bigger, thanks, Tal "racetal" harel.


  • KemKem ŠiauliaiPosts: 13Member Rookie
    TM United just didn't work out well here and bringing it back here would be a terrible decision imo. There is enough of a split between TMNF and TM² already. Adding TMUF would just make the situation even worse (not to mention the lack of consistency).

    If you really need help regarding organizing some United Nadeo cups, try poking someone from as they have way more United-related experience than we do.
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