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Do ESL Pro Players have a Second Steam account?

TrinityTrinity Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone

I'm new to ESL and the forum here, sorry if I put that in the wrong Category. :)

Yesterday I got trough all the CS:GO pro players steam accounts, just for fun. I saw, that almost every CS:GO pro player has just like 10-20 steam games in average. They've got all parts of CS and have like 4000 hours in CS:GO and around 3000 hours in CSS, in the other games they just have around 20-40 hours ingame and 80% of the games the've got they never played once.

Most of them got the steam service badge for 6-8 years. I just can't imagine they created a steam account 8 years ago and just bought around 20 games, played 5 of this games, 2 of them hard (CS with 4000+ hours) and never played or bought some other games to play with friends or something....

Do you think they're all playing on a second account which they just use for the tournaments?



  • MaxxMaxx Member Posts: 177 Ambassador
    edited October 2015
    It's nothing special that you own many games and only play a few.
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