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Future of sps

Hey fullspeed community :)

I've opened this thread cuz of an discussion in tmx...
Hi guys,

i want to say something about the esl stuff, don't wan't to evaluate any comment or this track and i want to refer to
the map style in esl competitions that are choosen and mentioned here.
We had this, i guess it was called so, this allstar cup where people had to drive different styles like laps, sd, smoothness etc. What about to bring this form into sps? the community could figure out 3 styles for example that have to be substituted in every mappack. Very important for this desire would be our community, we should say ourselves "we need maps for this..." so people should then build maps for all this styles and i am sure kem and co are doing their best in choosing maps for our competitions.

By the way i would like to see a post in the esl about this topic that our community could discuss about the future of sps in the forum.

Heo ;)
As for Heowin's suggestion: here you go:
Open a topic and please discuss in a civilized way.
It would be nice to see some activity here :)


  • fredajrfredajr Posts: 3Member
    edited September 2015
    I would like it if a mappack consists on one SD focused map, one Transition focused map and one 50/50 transitional/sd map.

    Im new here (only mapping, my driving skills suck) but i think that that would be great, Players that are better in transitional map would have one map "made for them", SD players have one map and one map "is made for both"

    This is my opinion and im interesed what you think and I hope that this isnt the commentsection of 4.00 am v2

    (my english isnt good)
  • MuddaMudda Posts: 6Member
    I like that idea, but have 2 styles of maps each round (not revealed until that round) in order to keep the players trained in all areas to prepare for anything. The multilap race idea was also good, it really tested players consistency as well as speed.
  • HeowinHeowin Posts: 3Member
    @Mudda: Thats what i thought about and yea laps are really interesting for sps in my opinion.
    @fredair: i would prefer as third then laps or something else and not a mix, cuz when you think about transitional maps they have
    often small sd's..
  • LisztLiszt Posts: 2Member
    edited September 2015
    All this talk about transitional maps in SPS? Transitional FS is annoying in TA, it'll be even more of a nightmare in rounds. Just stick to not-as-SD-heavy-maps. I think even less people like transitional maps than SD heavy maps. I know l would rather spend my time SDing, as opposed to getting landing bugs.
  • fredajrfredajr Posts: 3Member
    edited September 2015
    I know l would rather spend my time SDing, as opposed to getting landing bugs.
    Im currently working on a transitional map and I never had one landing bug @liszt

  • CyrilCyril Posts: 1Member
    edited September 2015
    Why would you change the way the SPS works when it doesn't need to ? It's always the most successful and awaited Speed competition, SPS7 was a bit of a failure tho because of the switch to TM², but now that it seems stable don't ruin all this work by testing something really risky!
    Still it doesn't prevent from organizing another ESL competition with this format with a new name and so on such as SCS in the past...
    Also i fully agree with Liszt's taste/opinion.
  • ParagrafParagraf Posts: 2Member
    Ok, so...
    Since it is most popular and famous Fullspeed tournament, everything what I expect there are just driveable FS tracks. I really don't care if for each mappack must be 3 different (styles) maps or every map will be from the start to the finish SD.

    In my opinion it's tripe to make a rule that for each mappack must be 3 different (styles) maps. Keep in mind that nowadays ESL should be happy if they will recieve enough driveable maps for each mappack...
    First, they should just wait for maps, test them, and if they will recieve for example 10 maps per style, then they can begin thinking about things like that.

    So as I said, everything what we want (at least me) are 3 driveable FS tracks and how will ESL settle with maps for each mappack that really isn't important. Who cares if it is transistional, sd, 300-400kmh map, wall-tubes etc.???...Every builder should build what he want and like, anyway ESL Admins will choose the best as they can.
    (don't look at grammar)
  • pascowpascow Posts: 1Member
    I think the system has always been great, but would indeed be cool to think about that multilap idea. Maybe 2 normal maps + 1 multilap?
  • fredajrfredajr Posts: 3Member
    one question: when will the sps be?
  • ParagrafParagraf Posts: 2Member
    one question: when will the sps be?
    @fradair ESL didn't announced it yet, but it will be this year ;).
  • vadervader Posts: 1Member
    SPS always worked fine as it is, why not just keep it that way. The All Star cup is there for a reason, no need to turn SPS into that too.
  • HeowinHeowin Posts: 3Member
    When the majority has no problems with the system there is no need to change it sure. "the most succesful..." it is but there are not so many esl team events in fs that you have a choice to say no but thats not the point.
    What the others think about the lap s?
  • ShadowShadow Posts: 1Member
    edited September 2015
    there is a reason why we don't have a lot of transitional maps. they historically suck and the majority of players hate them due to their random nature. there aren't any new "messiah" builders that are going to revolutionize the scene and bring peace and prosperity to the lands. as long as there are bugs and there is no beta testing for maps allowed, people need to let go of that idea. there is no need to make it a requirement for 1/3 of the maps to suck. it does not matter how good of a builder you think you are, without professional level players testing your maps, you have no reference as to how good or bad your map is, even when we to get the good players building maps, there are still things that get overlooked. can we just keep whatever "style" we've had up to here, in the past SPS's? the variety of maps has been great, it was in tmnf and it continued in tm2. how come people who want transitional maps get to act out like children when they get bored or don't get what they want? i, along with some of my team mates and other players, would like to see a proper rollercoaster esl map, like kindheits or standort, or toxinflash, or turnbeutel, yet we keep the want to ourselves, because we know it is not the popular opinion and would be more of a hassle for other players to deal with, it would bring more frustration to the players group as a whole than it would bring joy to us a smaller group.
    i don't believe introducing multilap is a good idea for THE fs event. perhaps it would be best to save that and properly prepare and test it in a different event altogether first? or again, along with the 1/3 of transitional maps that will suck we'll be stuck with another 1/3 of maps that can potentially suck, and then all we're left is the demonic sd maps :o
    sps ain't broken. if it ain't broken, ain't no need to fix it.
    if there's anything that is worth giving a change it's the format of the teams. perhaps reduce team size to 4?
  • LisztLiszt Posts: 2Member
    Seems there's not really any problems with SPS itself. It's just the players that need to change and stop being so damn judgmental, myself included. The vast majority of competition tracks are good. I know I'm too quick to hate on tracks I don't like, rather than praising the tracks I do like.
  • fuzR.fuzR. Posts: 1Member
    As long as the tracks selected aren't OVERWHELMED by new blocks or SD from start to finish, it's fine.
    New blocks are cool, but the old ones are aswell, so find harmony between them, don't just build a track with new blocks only, and by this I mean those weird looking tubes in weird angles that are mostly random, just find the right balance.
    Same for SD, they are fun, but in the right amount. Speedslides from top to bottom are a bit of a cancer in the speed scene nowadays.

  • DDaemsDDaems Posts: 2Member
    team: SPS
    solo: FS Allstars

    Transition maps aren't really fun in rounds, but i wouldn't mind playing them if there happens to have been send one in by a builder.
    Playing only transition maps for 2weeks, is of a small intrest to me.

    The multilaps concept could actually be fun in teammode. Altough i would rather drive them in smaller teams of 2-3 players for longer periods of 2-4h or something. Could be a cool concept for holidays.
  • viaoviao Posts: 22Member
    tm is dead.

    regards adler
  • KemKem ŠiauliaiPosts: 13Member Rookie
    tm is dead.

    regards adler
    Care to elaborate?
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