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  • Dirty Bomb (ESL)

    Hello everyone

    As the title suggests, we the community of dirty bomb are looking to get this free-to-play fps on the ESL lineup. This game has huge prospects in terms of high level competitive play, owing to the complex amount of skills required to excel at this game (aim, spawn time awareness, prefire, aim-punch, common locations of enemies, objective play). This game has a lot of similarities to the critically acclaimed game known as RTCW: wolfenstein Enemy Territory, which was on ESL till 2013, that game which was released in 2003, still has a minor competitive scene with prize money in it. The reason being the huge support from the community, because players love the core gameplay (fast strafe movements. aiming precision, objective play, different classes). Dirty bomb has inherited most of these qualities, as the developers of this game, were also the developers for ET. Dirty bomb has a small competitive community, which runs it's own cup, sometimes supported by the devs, however the devs are currently busy on making sure the game is absolutely bug free, prior to the game's release. So, that is why, we the community of dirty bomb are looking to push for ESL to get this game on their lineup, hopefully bringing back a lot of the top end players, who left the game because of the non-existent competitive scene, and also retaining the current top players. For those who haven't played Dirty bomb, i will post a few montages/cup videos, for you to understand what this game is about. upvote this so that this gets the attention of the ESL admins.

    Fragmovie from PUGs (pick up games) by x3onn:

    Fragmovie from Ranked/pugs by CLS:

    Cup match highlights: (Quad kill from Mordrag)

    (C4 wins against sG on chapel map with less than 5 seconds remaining, and sniper montage of requila in cups)

    i agree with him more than anything, me and my team have been playing ESL for a while now and we noticed that hackers slip under them so please add anti cheat on 
  • Re: Tanki Online on ESL. Do you want to have this game on ESL?

    Looking Forward to it :smile:
  • Re: Tanki Online on ESL. Do you want to have this game on ESL?

    Hell yeah! It'll be an amazing boost to the game, the communities and it's eSports!
  • Re: Tanki Online on ESL. Do you want to have this game on ESL?

    Go Go Go
  • Re: Tanki Online on ESL. Do you want to have this game on ESL?

    Yes I think it will be very good for the community.The game had a contract with starladder earlier which ended.If it comes to ESL it will be great.




  • Re: Go4 - Feedback

    Default setups are perfect for Project CARS eSports races. I remember we had the same discussion in Project CARS 1. Trust me, as soon as there are setups available, there will be a lot more people who complain about that. We want to find out which driver is the best on the track and not which driver has the best engineering skillz.

    So hopefully there will be no change to custom setups. It is working fine how it is. No need to change that. //Worked for nearly 100 cups in Project CARS 1 as well.