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  • Re: 2017 Go4 Project CARS Cup (PC) Season Full Rankings

    Finally found a way to put these mini flags in, and also fixed duplicates because of racers changing their user name

    We literally have racers from every continent except Antarctica racing in EU cupXD
  • Haxball Europe

    Dear Admins,

    It's been a while since the ESL HaxBall European section has been closed because of inactivity, but in the last couple of years I can say that the game has had a huge development with all the new and old players that are now playing the game. We(the oldest HaxBall players) all know that ESL is the best site in terms of organization, rankings, ladders, cups etc. in Europe and so we decided to ask you if it's possible to try to open it again here on ESL, since the game is active again. 

    I'm sure there are a lot of players who are still willing to play this game with some healthy competition and I guess the old community could be back if the opportunity comes. What I'm asking you is to reopen the section with at least the 1on1 Ladder, which was very popular back in time, and I guess it would be the same now.

    Probably you don't remember the game because it wasn't so famous because of its simplicity. Let me explain to you.
    HaxBall is a 2D browser game: . It is a combination between football and hockey I would say and there is nothing simplier than understanding how to play it. Like in every game you need months or years to become a very good player, but we are talking about fun and about having some good challenges. If there is any question, or if I didn't mention something important, feel free to ask.

    Best regards,
    Muris 9
  • Re: 2017 Go4 Project CARS Cup (PC) Season Full Rankings

    Finally have electricity at home but no internetXD, using school wifi now
    Rankings after #76


  • Feedback about MEC

    Dear Crossfire Europe Competitive Community & Publisher,

    I would like to get some feedback of everyone, not just +1 or small comments. I would like to have some real feedback and ideas to make the whole MEC and competitive scene more interesting for everyone!

    Prizes & InGame Prizes

    I would suggest to change the cash prizes into the Go4 prizes, since we have big amount of players, which is still increasing. It would also attract more players and to be honest, 55€ is nothing compared to the old prizes.

    CFS: The Major European Championship Qualifier Prizes

    When we hit the 50 teams mark:

    1st 150€ & 30 Days Bulletproof
    2nd 100€ & 14 Days Bulletproof
    3rd  50€ &  7 Days Bulletproof  

    When we hit the 80 teams mark:

    1st 300€ & 30 Days Bulletproof
    2nd 150€ & 14 Days Bulletproof
    3rd  50€ &  7 Days Bulletproof

    CFS: The Major European Championship
    Monthly Prizes

    When we hit the 50 teams mark:

    1st 600€ & 30 Days Bulletproof
    2nd 250€ & 14 Days Bulletproof
    3rd  150€ &  7 Days Bulletproof  

    Crossfire Stars / Balanced Weapons

    I would also add CFS weapon into the shop again, since they have different recoil and it is really unfair, because some people do not have them and are going to lose the knife round or have less advantage because of the weapons. A friend of mine, versusK already made a thread regarding this and almost everyone agrees to it.

    Players from Egypt & Turkey

    SmileGate, I know that you are currently you are working on license issue, but Egypt and Turkey are a really big part of our community and I would try to get an exception for them also, espically after the CFS Qualifier. They never effected the community on a bad way, so it is really awfull that they are unbanned now.

    Thank you for reading and I would like to hear some d

  • Re: Should the Chinese Walk be allowed or forbidden for future tournaments?

    "I don´t care", because I am not the one who has to play with/against chinese walk.
    I´ll still give you my opinion about Chinese walk.

    Chinese Walk gives you a lot of advantages. The peek advantage is maximized, you look faster than you are(animation bug= harder to hit), you are moving without making any noise and it makes the game faster than it is(nobody is playing slow, just run and gun).
    The Problem about a rule, which strictly forbids the use of Chinese Walk: Everbody is going to check replays for chinese walk, even if somebody just chinese walked for 2 seconds. A protest will be opened after finding such a case, And there you have my doubt about that rule. I am one of the lucky guys who has to check the replays for chinese walk of both teams, if they provided a timetable of the case. This takes like 5-8 minutes. We had about 25 protests yesterday and I am pretty sure that we ll have more, if 2 seconds of chinawalk end in a disqualification. Not talking about the fact that it is possible, that both teams chinese walk. How do you want to rate such a protest? count the seconds of chinese walk? rate the match, because you can´t dq both teams? Equalize the Chinese walk to circumvent the rule? 
    No matter how an Admin rates the match - we are always the kind of person you are mad on, if we don´t have the same opinion. 
    The first Cup with a prize had a delay of 2 hours in the semis and 1 hour in the final. Do you really want to risk a delay of 2-3 hours from the start, just to forbid chinese walk? I am not saying that it is a good idea to allow Chinese walk and there are no other solutions at the moment, but what is better? Chinese-walking or a delay of the whole cup with cases, which are impossible to rate fair? Just image you win a game 10 0 and you ll get dqed, because some of your teammates chinese walked 2 seconds in the base. 
    Another problem of Chinese walking:
    We know the crossfire-replay-system too good. Running cornerwise sometimes looks like chinese-walking in the replay. The only difference is the sound that it makes a sound every 4-5 steps. 3-4 steps are actually enough to use that peek advantage with CW, to outsmart the game.
    mechanic keyboard are not forbidden, but running cornerwise with a mechanic keyboard makes it look like you are chinese walking.

    There are a lot of other points for or against Chinese walk, but i guess you understand my point.
    It is really hard to judge, if chinese walk was used or not, as long as the player using it doesn´t do it for more than 5 seconds. 
    Banning CW might lead to unfair disqualifications  and I don´t want to be the one, who is blamed for that.
    -> leave it as it is, let the admins decide, if the cases are significant enough to DQ a team and don´t blame the admin as corrupted, if your opinion doesn´t fit to the admins opinion. 

  • Create Battlefield 2 cups for CIS community

    Hello! Official EA Games servers for Battlefield 2 was gone in 2015, but in 2016 some developers made a new awesome launcher to play this game. Please reopen BF2 section for CIS, thank you.
  • Re: signed up

    I mean WTF? Five seconds? I can't explain that....
    This is quite an usual reaction when one starts to compete online. Beating the AI isn't a big-deal, even at 100%. Basically those games are made to make you feel like a king, so one keeps playing. They'll never put a challenge that could discourage the player.

    However, beating humans opponents that trained for days/weeks/months is totally another game, plus there is some of the best players in the world competing here. I would say you need to expect some strong opponents and you'll probably need to train a bit more to challenge them for a victory ;)
  • Re: Drivers AIDS!!

    And i think, driving aids don't make you faster. If a driver drives with or without aids, that should be up to the driver.
    P.S.: A real driver shows his skills on the track not in the forum ;) So i hope to see you on Sunday, competing with the fast ones.
  • Re: Go4 - Precup Discussion

    For those interested i stream my races at: