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  • SF2 scene modifications

    guys, I think that we should start doing something for this game, atleast give some ideas to Blackhawk, he can help us reach Gameforge and make our "voice" heard.

    since GO4NA was announced, we saw that they still have money to invest in eSports, now that they didnt profit, its over.

    so here is my ideas:

    - Better 3rd/4th weekly GO4 prizes. ex - 5x 5000 sp + 3 days VIP
    - Change monthly final 2nd place prize and add 3rd/4th prizes

    monthly 2nd place has the same prize money as the weekly 2nd place, thats unfair.
    ex - monthly 2nd place 200€ and 3rd/4th 5x 7 days VIP

    Community cups are fine as they are.

    now talking about a League.. if they dont want to invest alot of money in esports then they should just launch Pro League 3, make some capsules with pro league weapons + sprays + logos and maybe some new items like creating ingame Shirts of the teams jersey, making more attractive for multi-gamings to come this game and also some fanboys to spend their money ingame.

    and make the whole prize pool of the league with Community prize funding.

    1st place 50% of the prize funding
    2nd 25%
    3rd 12%
    4th 5%
    5th to 8th 2% each

    Make semis and final in LAN again, thats the only money Gameforge will spend.

    Make the community decide the prize pool, that will show if the community is growing and following the pro scene.
  • Re: ESL please add Guilty Gear

    it should be done. even homeless boxer 5, mortal vombat and imbalance 2 are there already.
  • Re: ESL please add Guilty Gear

    This is one of the greatest games with big, fun and active community. It must be added!
  • ESL please add Guilty Gear

    There are a lot of fightings at ESL. Where's the best anime fighting series ever? Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is beautiful, dynamic and popular (main event at majors like EVO or smth), can you add it for cups?

    Hallo an alle die mal wieder VERSUS spielen wollen würde gerne R6S ins VERSUS bringe und hoffe ihr unterstützt mich dabei!?

    Dafür must ihr einfach nur hier einen like da lasen oder zustimmen, ab 50 Leuten wird darüber entschieden ob R6S aufgenommen wird im VERSUS!

    Ich hoffe auf eure Unterstützung!

  • TimeTrial Laps

    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately I don't have much time for racing ESL those days.

    But I do think @Mangator's hegemony on PC need to be put to an end, so I've thought that sharing some tips will maybe help some talented players to give him some competition. This a TT at Donington with the LMP2 RWD:

    Otherwise we can still settle a deal to remove the electricity from his town, but that's a bit more expensive ;)

  • Re: Go4 #83 - Grand Final

    bad pit strategy :D
  • Re: Go4 #83 - Grand Final

    My best place with LM2 :) And of course congratz to Mangator :) 
  • Re: 2017 Go4 Project CARS Cup (PC) Season Full Rankings

    Rankings after #80 :

    @Berla is now the only driver on the field that have competed in every single race in this season so far :D